Comprehensive Skin Care Services in Norfolk, VA

Discover a medical spa that provides all the nourishment your skin needs. Visit Medical Aesthetics of Virginia, your first destination for superior skin care services in Norfolk. Whether you’re searching for anti-aging solutions or acne treatments, our friendly staff can help you explore your options and find the one that works best for your unique skin.

You’ve come to the right place if you are not sure how to begin treating your specific skin complaint. As licensed and insured estheticians with more than 20 years of experience, we have the ability to recognize many different skin problems, as well as recommend solutions that target them specifically. Let us help you glean insight into your skin’s unique needs.

Explore Our Skin Treatments

Just as no two fingerprints are alike, no two skin types are alike. Because of this, everyone faces unique skin care challenges. The good news is that Medical Aesthetics of Virginia is equipped to help you face these challenges and achieve the smooth, wrinkle-free glow you’ve always wanted.

Skin Care Services in Norfolk, VA

We do so by offering a full range of skin care services designed to target a variety of different needs. Every day, we work with clients to pinpoint the causes of their complaints, and then explore treatments that are most likely to be effective. Here are just a few of the services you can enjoy at our medical spa:

    • Chemical Peels
    • Tattoo Removal
    • Microdermabrasion
    • Medical-Grade Facials (including Hydrafacial®)
    • Dermal Fillers
    • Non-Surgical Skin Tightening
    • InnoPen® Microneedling
    • Plasa Rich Protein (PRP)
    • Plasma Pen 
    • CoolSculpting
    • Laser Treatments 

If you’re unsure whether our medical spa is the right option for your concerns, consider this: you don’t need the “perfect reason” to seek help from our estheticians. Everyone deserves to live in skin that they’re proud of, and when acne, fine lines, or cellulite is stopping you from doing that, you deserve solutions. Reach out to us today to take back control of your skin and your self-esteem.

Caring for Your Skin at Home

Caring for your skin doesn’t stop at our medical spa. Along with skin treatments, we offer a variety of medical-grade skin care products. Now you can give your skin the TLC it deserves from the comfort of your home. Ask our staff what we recommend for your specific concerns and we’ll show you an assortment of options, as well as explain what they do and how to best use them.

*As with any treatment, results may vary from person to person.

 Contact us today to find out more about our skin care services. We proudly serve residents of Norfolk, Virginia, and the surrounding areas.